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Perivale Park Golf Course Closure
by Ealing Council

After nearly 100 years Ealing Council want to close Perivale Park Golf Course and rewild the area.

This is the only nine hole municipal course left in Ealing. It is a very diverse, inclusive and accessible club open to everyone used regularly by all ethnic backgrounds, young, old and all abilities at an affordable price, supporting people’s health and well-being.

The cafe which is open to everyone is also under threat. It is a social hub for all those using the golf course, sports facilities next door, walking groups and clients from local health care facilities creating a real sense of community in a safe environment.  We have been informed there is every chance the cafe will also close.

Please support us to keep our only 9-hole golf club in Ealing, open and accessible to everyone at the heart of the community.


Petition by Dave Chapman

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