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Captain's Monthly Post

February 2024

·         Firstly, big congratulations to Hussain and Madge, respectively, for winning the coveted Greenaway and Malcolm Bowey Trophies last year.  We all sincerely hope they are not the last two names on the PPGC board! 

·         Congratulations also to the January and February winners of this year’s monthly medals, who will be felicitated at next year’s annual dinner: Mike Keating and Harvindar Joshi 

·         To reinforce our stance as a valued community asset, PPGC applied to England Golf to join the 2024 “Girls Golf Rocks and Get into Golf Rookies” programmes.  We have been accepted provisionally and the committee will look to see how we can implement it, given Ealing Council’s intentions for the course.  Check it out on  rocks-rookies-overview-2024.

Download PDF • 367KB  and consider if you may be able to help. 

·         Please keep track of the Closure Group messages and our SavePPGC website for updates and “calls to action” from the Committee for our campaign. 

·         Finally: 

1.      March is almost upon us and we look forward to hosting you at this year’s Annual Presentation and Dinner. 

2.      And not far behind in April is the annual Spring Team International – so start getting your teams ready 

But By No Means Least: GOLF ETIQUETTE 

Let’s all enjoy golf and set good examples for newcomers to the game.  If you are frustrated, don’t fret and most will reciprocate a friendly chat or guidance on golf etiquette.  Talking of which, there are many but I believe the following four should be kept uppermost in our mind: 

·         Keep quiet when others are teeing off 

·         Shout FORE and point at the ball 

(even if someone on the green next to your tee is putting!)                            

·         Rules of the green (moving, talking, stepping on and standing       through the line)·                            

      Lost ball etiquette (provisional ball, THREE MINUTE rule for         time limit on search). 


Harvindar Joshi 

07764 626005 


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