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We are deeply disappointed by the decision of Ealing Council to close Perivale Park Golf Course on  June 1st 2024. However, the committee  continue to fight the decision by  lodging an official complaint with the Council. We will be pursuing all legal options available to us and engaging with the Local Government Ombudsman in order to get the decision reversed.

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Voices of Our Campaign: The Impactful Figures Leading the Charge
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Join Our Cause: Preserve the Heartbeat of Our Community

Keep Golf For All 

Perivale Park Golf Course is a green open space and can easily be part of the plan for a Regional Park in West London. This course is special - it’s welcoming, flat and perfect for anyone to give golf a go. It promotes mental health, wellness, and sociability. It supports outdoor activity for people of all ages, gender and ethnicity in a safe and friendly environment, providing easy and affordable access to golf for everyone of all abilities.

Preserve Our Heritage
for Future Generations

Our campaign is dedicated to protecting the century-old Perivale Park Golf Course, an important part of English heritage that is rich in sportsmanship and community bonds. Join us in safeguarding this cherished site by signing petitions and writing to your MP. Together, we can preserve this historic course and its legacy for future generations.


Impact of Ealing Council's Green Space Plans on Perivale Park Golf Course. Ealing Council's labours leaders initiative to increase green spaces, including a new Lido and Arts Centre, risks premature closure of Perivale Park Golf Course without a complete financial study. This decision could lead to: Financial Overburden: Uncertainty about the costs and implications for taxpayers. Green Space Neglect: Potential deterioration of the current golf course's well-maintained area. Flooding Risks: Increased flood hazards with the loss of the natural barrier provided by the golf course. Community Asset Loss: The golf course serves as an active community and recreational hub especialy for valuable people which easy get escluded from society such seniors, disable, minorities, working class . Health Impact: Overlooking the proven health benefits of golf compared to walking. Questionable Decision-making: The need for more transparent and consultative processes in decision-making. Council leaders offical position is to close first, and do feasibility studies after. The Ealing Council's haste and lack of clarity in planning highlight the need for careful consideration of these impacts on the community and the valued green space of Perivale Park.

Uniting to Save Perivale Park Golf Course – Read Our Latest Blog Posts!

Get Involved

Your support is crucial. Sign our petition in, participate in Ealing Council consultation,  write to your MP, Councillor and help us spread the word. Together, we can protect this cherished local asset.

Golf Players
Sign Petition  Save Perivale Park Golf Course

You can help us make our voice heard by signing our petition on and leaving comments for Cllr Peter Mason. Our petition already has around 3500 signatures and is growing daily, but we need your support to save Perivale Park Golf Course. Join us today and help make a difference!


What Our Supporters Say

"As retirees, the golf course has been our sanctuary. It's where I find peace and companionship. When we are there, we're not just playing golf but nurturing our mental health and staying active. This course is a vital asset for our community's physical and mental wellness. The thought of it being closed is heartbreaking. It's a crucial part of our life, and I know many others feel the same way."

Lahkvir Rai / Joe Jadavjee . Retirees, Local Residents

In The Spotlight: What the Press Says About 'Save Perivale Park Golf Course' Campaign:

.".. but local environmental charity warns of increased flood risk." 
"Perivale Golf Course provides local homes with protection from flooding"

Press Enquiries:

Media Corner: 'Save Perivale Park Golf Course' Campaign

Interested in our campaign to safeguard Perivale Park Golf Course in Ealing, West London? This space is vital for community well-being.

Media Contact:

Reach out for information, interviews with campaigners, and insights into our efforts to protect this essential green area.

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